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November 10, 2007
Dear Jose,
Today my father, William H. Cook, passed away at your facility. He had been a resident at Golden Years since last January 15.
The facility was always spotless and smelled clean and fresh. Ed always prepared healthy meals and my father would often tell me how delicious the dishes were. Ed and Roxy always made sure that he was given any special treats he wanted. They truly tried their very best to make sure he was happy. For that, I am very thankful.
Ed and Roxy were always willing to give me as much attention as I wanted and tell me anything they felt was important for me to know about my father. Ed would sometimes call to let me know if he felt some information was important to pass along.
I am happy that I chose this particular facility for my father to live in. I know that he was not always easy to care for and get along with, but I know that everyone did their best to make him as happy as possible and to keep him peaceful. Thank you so much to each of you.
If you ever need a recommendation for a possible new resident, I would be most happy to talk to them.
Dorthiann Taylor
7801 Morgan Pointe Circle
Reno, NV 89523
I Tom Pittman want to state for the record that I stayed at Golden Years Castle Group Home at 2060 Arcane Ave Reno NV. for approx. 4 months and the care was very professional, caring, and kind. The food was very good and home was very clean. I highly recommend their service to everyone.
Thank you so very much,
Tom Pittman
August 16, 004
To Jose Castillo & Family,
Well, you’re finally getting rid of this old geezer.
However before leaving I want all of you to know that I will never be able to thank you enough for all the help and support you have given me these past five months or so.
Most important, though, was the feeling you gave me that I was part of your family. That meant a lot to me. As you know I was on my way to visit my family just prior to my injury.
I have always considered myself blessed all these many years to have a wonderful family and great friends. And now I have many more of the same. I hope we can continue to stay in touch in the future.
Thanks again for all the help and support you have given me,
John Webster
P.S. I think Ed deserves a month or even two or more of vacation time.

Nov. 27, 2004
To whom it may concern.
My stay here at Golden Years Castle has been very pleasant. Joe and his family go out of their way to create a family atmosphere. They also strive to ensure that your personal needs and desires are attended to the best of their abilities.
I highly recommend their facility and service for the care they provide.
Ray Kucich
I have actually enjoyed staying at your castle. Everyone is so kind and thoughtful. Ed does a great job with meals, all health and tasty. (Too close together, for my taste.) Keep up the good work, you make people with problems feel better.
January 21 2004
State of Nevada
Department of Human Resources
Health Division
Bureau of Licensure and Certification
To Whom It May Concern:
The purpose of this letter is to request your approval regarding the attached written exception request from the Golden Year's Group Home Facility on my behalf.
I recently moved to the Golden Year's Group Home facility in early November, 2003. Since then, I have been extremely happy at the facility. The caregivers and environment is the best I could have ever hoped for. My well-being and quality of life immediately improved making it possible for me to feel optimistic again.
This week, it was determined by my physicians that I will need a feeding tube due to an esophageal disease which prevents me at times, from swallowing correctly and keeping food and medications down. In discussing the options with my physicians, this will prevent dehydration and nutrition deficiencies. I also understand from my physicians that I can easily manage the feeding tube on my own with simple training. I have contacted the Washoe Hometown Health Agency provided by my Senior Care Plus Insurance and they have confirmed to me that they will provide the training and provide home health services to initially supervise my progress. Additionally, they have confirmed they can provide training back-up supervision to Mr. Castillo and his staff for continuity of care management. A trial period could even be considered to prove I am capable. I am more than willing to take full responsibility for my feeding tube and am confident I will do fine with self-management. With the feeding tube I have the opportunity to improve my health, thus allowing me the energy to continue my current plan of care which includes regular physical therapy to improve my overall strength and quality of life in my current care home.
I do not want to move from this facility into a skilled nursing facility or nursing home only because I have a feeding tube. I would not longer have the desire to live if I had to leave my current environment. Here at the Golden Year's Group Home I have hope, optimism and the desire to improve my health and well-being, which I deserve. I ask that you seriously consider the approval of this special request to allow Mr. Castillo to continue my care with the feeding tube. I would like be afforded the opportunity and chance I deserve to remain a resident of his facility with the feeding tube where I can have peace of mind knowing I am in the best possible care home for me.
I am confident that you will make the right decision on my behalf. Thank you for your assistance. My physician has also signed below concurring with the above and attesting that he will order the appropriate training, supervision and management of my feeding tube once it is placed.
Sincerely yours,
Judith A. Lundegard (aka Judith A. Urling)
Sanjeev Bakshi, M.D.
Medical Director, Washoe Senior Medical Group

Jose Castillo, Administrator
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